The Branding Process

Identity design is usually broken down in two parts. First is the logo design and secondly any additional branding collateral pieces that your church may need. 


Initially, we will start with a Discovery Phase which includes a general discussion so I am able to fully understand what the goals and desires are for your church. I will provide a Q&A that you can fill out to help provide some additional direction. 

During the Concept & Development Phase, I'll provide 3 rough options for the first round. After you have had time to digest and provide critique, I'll make adjustments and then resubmit for your feedback. You will have up to 3 rounds of revisions before an hourly rate of $100 is incurred for additional work beyond scope. I try my best to curb that scenario by setting expectations and maintaining clear communication.

Once a logo is chosen, the next stage includes applying color options to the established logo. When the logo is complete and approved, I will package the logo in various file layouts (logo only, logo+type, logo+type+tagline) and formats (jpeg, png, vector files, etc.).

Logo Development & Design : $2000
Process includes:

  1.  3 initial logo concepts
  2.  Up to 3 rounds of revisions
  3.  Color options and application
  4.  Final logo delivery in various requested formats
  5.  Visual Style Guide (sample here: )


The second part would be developing any collateral pieces with your new visual identity. This can be finished pieces ready for print or set of templates designed in InDesign or Photoshop format that can be used for any future pieces you create in-house. 

The estimate for this has a wide range depending on what you're needing. Here's a example identity list break-down of a recent project.

Once we have a full scope for the whole project I can provide a more refined estimate.